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5 sparkling, inspirational icons needed for corporate values,

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We need to find a graphical way to quickly convey our set of five core values. We are heavily focused on leveraging design since we need to roll these out across 46 different cultures and languages and they need to be understood and lived by more than 80,000 employees. The Challenge is to develop 5 original pictures for these 5 common values.

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Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Our mission is to communicate and inspire on a worldwide level through five corporate values.
Our target group includes over 80,000 employees from production to executive top management, in 46 different countries. plus over 1,000 clients from all continents across the world.  Imagine your work being seen everywhere!

We want to leverage these values and their related designed images to ensure that all employees understand and apply each of the values in their daily work. Given our global scope and the large size of our workforce, we want to find a set of designs that translate well across cultures and languages and into which we can infuse meaning. We'd like a common theme. It could be the elements (Earth, wind, fire, water) or hands or body parts or tools or whatever you can come up with -- we are game for any and all ideas. They don't have to be exotic but just easy to recognize and ones that will make our values "sing".

Our five values are: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation, Commitment. We need one image/idea/icon for each of these values.
Below find each value in more details.
1. Integrity
- Definition: Integrity comprises perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles
2. Respect
- Definition: ... It is to recognize the value of the other
3. Professionalism
- Definition: Consistency of the business process and the implementation of global best practices deliver the highest levels of quality of services
4. Innovation
- Definition: Curiosity, information sharing, technology leadership and investments in the future creates a virtual circle, generating Teleperformance's competitive advantage
5. Commitment
- Definition: Constant focus on meeting agreed goals and objectives.


- A creative theme.  I am more focused on getting hte right theme than just the right look -- thought htat would be wonderful too.  Coming up with a catchy and easy to remember system would be great.
- Make the set of icons coherent. The five need to work together and be easy for people to remember the system. That is, they all fit into some scheme/pattern/organizing principle. We don’t want a chair, a wave, a light bulb, a heart and a rock becaues there is no common denominator across all of those.Organizing principles might be the elements, body parts, hands in different poses, tools, shapes or anything else that works together.
• Each symbol (5) must be clearly different from the others.
• Easy to understand: Just by looking at them, you should know what it is and they should be things that are well-known. For example, we could use a ruler but not a slide rule.
• Linked to the meaning of the value. They need to relate well to the words they describe.
• Easy to reproduce on various media/items. We will likely use these on something as small as pins and as large as t-shirts and posters. They also have to work well in print and on-line media.
• Stylish. We value style and a professional look.
• Appropriate to business. Nothing overly personal, suggestive, etc., please
• The symbol must be easy to integrate in our graphical charter (which uses a lot of Red and human pictures in B&W / our logo is blue, white and green.). It doesn't have to be these colors but can't clash.

Ne veut pas

1. The 5 symbols/pictos cannot be pure leisure (for instance a beach with a person sunbathing would not work). There must be a logic connection between the value, the work and the symbol.  HOwever, it need not be  work-related theme-- for exmaple finre, water, eartha nd wind owrk and so do hands in different poses.
2. Nothing suggestive or inappropriate for business
3. Nothing to specific too one country, ethnic group, culture, etc.
4. Boring. Please help us make it inspiring

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