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Need 2 Icons for Innovative Mental Health Product

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Nom de l'entreprise

Pat Deegan, PhD & Associates, LLC


Pat Deegan PhD & Associates, LLC is a small company founded by and for people with psychiatric disabilities. We are disruptive innovators who create and disseminate technologies to support the recovery of people diagnosed with mental illness.

Our flagship product, CommonGround, empowers people to communicate with psychiatrists and to arrive at the best decisions for treatment and recovery.

You can find out more about us at

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This will be used for patients within the mental health system at large as well as staff working in the field including psychiatrists and nurses, case workers and direct service workers, therapists and peer support staff.


We are looking for a designer to develop two (2) icons for what we call decision support and shared decision making. If we like your work, we might also be interested in doing longer term work with you!

The icons should preferably be in a vector format (e.g. AI or SVG), or if not, a raster format of at least 1024x1024 pixels in size.

The icons will be used in both big/detailed settings as well as small icon settings (as small as 20x20). It is preferred that the icons are designed in such a way that the big components are visible when the icons are scaled down in size.

The icons should be based in the colors used in our current CommonGround icon. The reference colors are:

Yellow : RGB(255, 255, 1)
Green : RGB(1, 204, 1)
Blue : RGB(1, 1, 255)

Please consult the PDF for more information.

Before you start, please review our brief 4-minute introductory video of CommonGround here:

More about Decision Support and Shared Decision Making

Decision support, in a health care setting, is accessible, unbiased information that helps people understand their treatment options and prepare to discuss them with their treatment team.

In one example of decision support, imagine a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is presented with multiple options: mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or some combination thereof. Different treatment methods result in different rates of survival (according to statistics) as well as different amounts of breast tissue that are removed. Decision support would be information that helps that woman, and her treatment team, determine what the best treatment decision for her and her particular circumstances.

A couple example metaphors for decision support are a question mark and a fork in the road. Note, these are not the only metaphors!

See page 2 of the attached PDF for more information.

Shared decision making, in a health care setting, is active, empowered collaboration in making decisions about treatment and recovery with the doctor and treatment team.

Shared decision making contrasts with the more traditional "parental" model of treatment which assumes the doctor can arrive at the best decision by him/herself. Shared decision making utilizes the fact that there are two experts in the room, the doctor naturally being the expert in the science and treatment, but also the patient is the expert in the what is important to his or her life. Shared decision making utilizes both experts in crafting an agreement through a collaborative process.

A couple metaphors for shared decision making are a handshake and two individuals in collaboration. Note, these are not the only metaphors!

See page 3 of the attached PDF for more information.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

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