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Iconography- sleek and simple

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Looking to re-design iconography for a set of audio collections- 20 icons in total- each icon representing a specific category.

this is for a series of DVDs under the title SONOPEDIA- The Encyclopedia of Sound Effects. The idea is that each DVD (sfx library) represents a volume of the encyclopedia.

We're fine with using/tweaking stock icons as long as they all have the same look and feel.

Nom de l'entreprise

SONOPEDIA- The Encyclopedia of HD Sound Effects

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

COMMENT TO ALL: (nov 4) i'm very impressed with everyone's button/block design and style.  If you want to take it to the next level I would ask to experiment with the icon style and content- meaning the dog, the UFO,  the human... everyone's suggested a music note for the "musical" category.  It works, and some look better than others. But is there something that represents music that might look just as good and also be more unique?  So far, #9 and #15 are on the next level of uniqueness... The dog looks different than everyone else's in #9, and the style is different in #15.

UPDATE: we definitely like shape and contour to the icons (everyone hashad this so far) but we don't think angled images will work (like #11,#5, or the middle row of #4).

ALSO: if you can suggest a font that would match your icon style, that would be an added plus.  Our logo will be somewhere on the DVD (doesn't need to match the logo but compliment it):…s/logo.gif

We're a sound effects publishing company looking to re-design a set of icons for our latest DVD releases- individual categories from a larger library called SONOPEDIA. A designer completed the project already but we aren't happy with the 1980s clip art resemblance.

We don't need the entire DVD cover art- just the iconography with a relevant color scheme behind or as a part of each icon  (a solid color square behind each icons could work) 

An example of the current look (which we will be replacing with your design) is here (we don't like):

image 1

We're looking for something sleeker, more modern/hi tech, something that conjures up words like: pristine, high definition, innovative, next-generation. The icons don't have to be full of detail, but should have more shape and contour than the current icons.

For an example we like see We're looking to inject a bit more 'sleek' and a little less 'cute' than soundsnap's, combined with maybe a tad bit more detail. Another example of what we LIKE:

istockphoto iconography

istockphoto iconography example 2


istockphoto iconography example 3

We're fine if you some or all of your icons are stock images- or maybe you can fine 50% of the categories and design the rest so they all match. Feel free to keep the current content (for the category ANIMALS there is currently a dog, for MUSICAL there is a staff with notes) but it's not a requirement.Categories are: * Ambience * Animals * Cartoon * Emergency * Fire * Foley * Horror * Household * Humans * Impacts * Industry * Musical * Office * Science Fiction * Sports * Technology * Transportation * Warfare * Water * Weather

There will most likely be a few rounds of apporval/revision as part of the completion process.

Thanks and have fun!


- Icons should have color banner/block/square behind each one.  - If icons are multi colored, it may make sense to have the same color behind each one. If icons are single colored, the background colors should be different.
- submissions should eventually contain all 20 icons (like example 3)
- Simple, sleek, hi-tech, innovative
- for Print and Web
- EPS, photoshop or illustrator files
- a 3D look could be nice

Ne veut pas

- Microsoft word-styled clip art
- example we don't like #1
- example we don't like #2
- lots of detail

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