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Icon illustrations for a Voice Marketing company startup

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We are looking for several icon illustrations to be used in explaining our company's application and step-by-step process. We are creating an animated gif and would like to use original art versus what's available for common use (iStock, ugh.) We will also be using these illustrated icons on other company materials. These icons will be our "look" with customers (We'll be looking for more icons to be developed in the future too).

The "storyboard" for the animated gif and the icons we are looking to replace is located at

Nom de l'entreprise

Vontoo :: [SMART] Direct Voice Marketing

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Hello 99designs Illustrators.

Thanks for reading our brief and any work in advance. I'm a graphic designer by trade and know what it's like to design a logo for $100 just to keep paying the bills. I also know my illustration skills are somewhat limited and this task is too big for me to illustrate.

I'm newly in charge of marketing and the creative at a voice marketing startup company called Vontoo. We've developed a variety of add-on online voice applications that lets you create a single message and then send it to one,  hundreds, or thousands using a browser interface. We aren't robocalling but are all about opt-in lists plus we have a "transfer" option that lets you connect to a live human like a client's box office. 

I've convinced our CEO to give 99designs a whirl as we're looking to revise the icons we're using in the "Vontoo process" in favor of a consistent look and feel. Like everybody else, we've been pulling art from the VERY common, inexpensive resources and not finding a consistent match for the icons we seek. We'd really like to use original artwork that every Tom, Dick or Harry has. Looking like everyone else is NOT our goal.

Creative assignment/direction:
- Create several icons with the same "look and feel" that can be used to convey the Vontoo process
- Illustrated icons can be Web 2.0-esque or not in style, (e.g. with/without reflection, 3-D-ish, shadows, etc.)
- We're looking for "unique" and icons that look like nobody else's
- We prefer a modern, contemporary, and clean aesthetic - a la Apple/Mini Cooper/Method Home products design camp
- We are positioning ourselves as the "leader" in this new media form so looking for "leadership" qualities in the icons too.Final file format: Separate Illustrator eps/ai files (transparent background) for each of the icons


The "storyboard" for the animated gif and the icons we seek is located at If you follow the animated gif, it shows the icons that we pulled from a "resource" but want to redo. (We've added one additional "stopwatch" icon to the list which you won't see in the gif link).

Here is the list of icons:
- 1 computer laptop - with blank screen facing you (prefer silver in color. Note, we'll be superimposing our logo on the screen)
- 1 arrow pointing to right
- 1 address book
- 1 symbol for a database spreadsheet (think Excel spreadsheet)
- 1 arrow arched down - to show motion and indicate a file is input into the laptop
- 1 microphone - you can record a message directly within the system
- 1 voice file symbol - you can also import different audio file formats into the system
- 1 red telephone - yes, red to symbolize "hotline/fast/speed"
- 1 phone operator wearing a headset (can be male or female)
- $ symbol - US dollar symbol
- 3 telephone icons (various) – cellphone, land line, cordless
- Five (5) people - ages between 25 - 60, males/females, diverse races, etc. (with an "American" look for the people since we do business only in the U.S.)
- 1 stopwatch

Ne veut pas

Note about colors/color palette:
We're revamping the website ( for a new look though sticking with the Vontoo logo and the green/blue colors. We are not looking for icons that are only green and blue but prefer multiple colors. 

With real budgets (versus startup ones), I'd prefer to review portfolios and work with a single illustrator/artist.

Please submit original art and not work that has been re-purposed from previous assignments or used by others.

Please contact me with any questions or clarifications on the above.

Thank you very much.


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