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Web + Print One-pager for Text Messaging (SMS) Service

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The good news: we’ve created a bilingual (English + Chinese) SMS subscription service in Taiwan. The idea is to help people learn English informally, through fun, short lessons that our subscribers receive every two days.

The better news: We’ve got great content across four categories (Idioms, Bible Quotes, Horoscopes, and Pickup Lines) that’s co-written by teams Taiwanese nationals and North Americans.

The bad news: the core of the company is comprised of engineers and English teachers, who are not very good at marketing.

The opportunity: Create a compelling one-pager and help make this service huge!

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Here's the way the system works:
- Users send "tw1", "tw2", "tw3', or "tw4" to 55818 from their mobile phones to subscribe to a particular service.
- We send back a message asking the user to confirm the subscription.
- The user sends "tw go" to 55818 to confirm the subscription. If the subscription type was Horoscopes, the user confirms by sending his/her birthday i the form "tw mm dd". For example, a user whose birthday is May 9 would send "tw 04 09".
- The user starts receiving a pair of messages (1 Chinese, 1 English) every two days in the selected content category.What we need is a one-page ad (A4 paper size) that we can also use as a web ad later on. The ad should clearly convey:
a) That this is a cool way to learn English
b) The different categories of content
c) How to sign up

Here's some of the copy that we're considering using… A couple of notes first:
Note 1: If you can think of more compelling wording, that's definitely a point in your favour.
Note 2: The copy that we use will eventually be translated into Chinese, but in your design layout, use the English to show us what will go where.

Now onto the potential ad copy…
- Learn English by SMS.
- This is the fun and new way to learn English.
- You are busy and English lessons are not always cheap.
- With Taiwan Fun’s new service, you will receive a message set every 2 days, for only 5NTD a day! That's just 150NTD per month to receive great content on your cell phone.
- With each content pair, you will receive an English message and a Chinese message.
- All of our messages are written by a skilled team of both North American and Taiwanese Nationals.
- If you use Taiwan Cellular, Chung Hua Telecom, or FarEasTone, you are eligible to sign up!SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS:
Just text the code to 55818 to subscribe:
Horoscopes: TW1
Idioms: TW2
Bible Quotes: TW3
Pick-up lines: TW4
For example: If you want to receive horoscopes in English and Chinese just send a text message “TW1” to 55818

You can check out our existing ad here.

I'll reference that in the "what I want / don't want" sections.


- A slicker, catchier design than the one we have at present.
- Something that will appeal to our target market (late teens, early 20s)
- A section for the "fine print" at the bottom of the ad.  It can be filled with Lorem ipsum for now.
- A series of little graphics depicting the message flow of the signup process would help.  These would be visual depictions of the "how it works" section in the description, above.
- The logo should be there, but it doesn't need to be nearly as prominent.
- The cell phone cartoon may or may not be used.  AI files can be provided for him if necessary.

Ne veut pas

- Wordiness at the expense of visual appeal.  Part of the problem with our existing ad, I think, is that it tries to convey to much information.  This is a fairly inexpensive service that people should want to sign up for impulsively because it's a fresh way to learn a bit of English.  We can use the fine print section to describe the way to unsubscribe, etc.

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