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Thrive90 Fitness - Can you provide banner ads with energy?

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Nom de l'entreprise

Thrive90 Fitness


At, our mission is to help busy couples get fit in the time that they have so they can enhance their lives and their relationships.

To help busy couples more directly, we created a unique, video-based fitness program called Thrive90 Fitness. The tagline for the program is "The Body You Want. The Energy You Need. In the Time You Have."

Thrive90 Fitness is a 12-week (90 Days), web-based workout series with the following unique features:

•EVERY workout is 30 minutes or less & many are less than 20 minutes!
•EVERY workout can be done at home without the need to drive to, tolerate or pay for a gym!
•It provides 12 full weeks of workouts that are broken into three distinct phases to keep things fun, interesting & effective.
•It combines a great variety of Core, Strength, Circuit, Interval, Cardio & even Power Yoga workouts.
•It includes a total of FIFTEEN full-length workouts plus numerous bonus workouts.
•The workouts are all provided in High-Definition, web-based video so they’re easy to learn and follow along.
•It also includes simple nutritional guidelines that you can actually follow in your daily life.
•It comes with all the tools, guidance and support you need to get results fast & keep it up.
•And perhaps most importantly, this program was designed to be fun & effective for both Men & Women, and it is an awesome way for a busy couple to workout TOGETHER!

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is 25-45 year-old busy married couples who are 10-40 lbs overweight and looking to shape up. They've tried numerous times to lose weight and love the feeling of being fit and energetic, yet they don't have the time to go to a gym and workout an hour every day. They have demanding careers and small children to take care of, and they need to start caring for their own health and happiness. They want to look and feel sexy for their spouse!

More specifically, we know that women influence most buying decisions of this type, so it's critical that the graphics/ads for Thrive90 Fitness appeal to women and get their interest. However, when her husband sees the ad, he shouldn't be turned away thinking this is purely a woman's program.

This can be a tough balance, but we know you can get it right!


Thrive90 Fitness needs its own, unique text logo as a basis for the ads. We would like something that is fairly simple but recognizable, like the logos included in the ads for P90X ( and TRX (

Our logo for (attached for reference) does NOT need to be included in the banners, but we would like to possibly see some of the gray/orange colors show up in the new Thrive90 Fitness graphics to be consistent with our overall brand.

Don't forget the tagline on those banners where you think it should be included: "The Body You Want. The Energy You Need. In the Time You Have."

Using the new text logo that you create, we'd like the following items:

-Text Logo as a standalone image for use as a header on our sales page

-Banner Ads that will be placed on other sites to entice our target audience to CLICK and visit our sales page (& ultimately buy the program). We need these ads in the following sizes:


-One 3D image showing the Thrive90 Fitness banner ad on a DVD Box Set Case. This will be used on our sales page and potentially as a standalone banner ad as well. A width of approximately 250 pixels (and proportionate height) would be great.

Thanks so much for your interest and best of luck to you!

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