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Play It Loud: Freedom To Play Guitar Your Own Way

Mkingoxford avait besoin d'un nouveau design de bannière publicitaire et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Mkingoxford a commencé son expérience bannière publicitaire

Nom de l'entreprise

Play It Loud


I am a musician, blogger, and entrepreneur who's looking to give fellow music lovers, guitarists, and musicians a brand new way to approach music. My blog is about giving a fresh perspective to those who want to learn about the instrument, while also providing entertaining content with high quality writing and education value. This will entail looking at music in a light that's free from the past, that's open to new genres and techniques, and looking forward to what the guitar and all music will become in the future.

The culture and personality of my company comes from a place where music is fun to play and not a dreadful chore to attend to every day. It's about giving yourself the right and the freedom to express your own personality through the instrument. Play It Loud believes in the idea that youth is a state of mind that must be nurtured through new ideas and a proactive mind.

I believe in the ideas I just told you because they are what helped me learn the art of music. I gave myself the freedom to explore music in whatever way I was headed towards at the moment with no limitations, discouragement, or so called "reality" to believe in. But also I believed that there wasn't any frustration or walls that couldn't be overcome.

And ultimately it was about enjoying to practice a piece of music because you're instantly closer to all the things you might love about it.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The market I'm trying to reach can be summed up as anyone who doesn't like the way the guitar has been taught before. That is, I want to shatter the idea that you must go to a teacher, experience dreadful amounts of practice time, and forget about playing the music that inspired them to learn guitar in the first place.

It's for people who want other genres besides the usual rock, metal, and blues music commonly associated with the guitar by going into pop, classical, jazz, or even hip-hop music to learn and grow enthusiasm for the guitar.

It's also for those who want the knowledge and peace of mind that comes from spending less money on a hobby, fewer limiting beliefs imposed upon them from an outside source (like a guitar teacher), and saving years of frustration from doing all of this on their own like I did.

To get into more specifics I'm looking for people who are more independent, ambitious, and goal-oriented than most. Obviously this will appeal to anyone who is younger than 30, but I want it to appeal to anyone who is young at heart. That has a childlike enthusiasm and excitement for new ideas.

But ultimately for people who want real results and accomplish real goals and are not taken in by fluff and magic bullets. I was able to learn how to express myself through music, and I want to give that ability back to anyone who wants it too.


This part I'll keep really short because I don't want your own creativity to become limited. I'd like it to be a relatively simple banner ad with the words "Play It Loud: Freedom To Play Your Own Way" prominently displayed.

This is going to be used primarily for my blog, but if you can make it work for a shopify store as well that would be awesome. You can check out the blog at where you'll see that I have a simple wordpress theme in blue and white. So obviously I'd like it to work within that design so I won't have to do anything but upload the banner ad you guys will create.

The last thing I'd suggest is that it has a style that'll remind the audience of a band logo like the Beatles or Nine Inch Nails. Those are two designs I've loved but please be as creative as you'd like to be if you think of something else.

Since this is my first commission of this sort, I understand that there might be follow-up questions or clarifications to be made. Don't hesitate to ask me anything that might give you a better idea of how to create this design.

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