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National Consumer Recycling/Trade-in Payment Card Program

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Buybak Rewards

Présentation’s mission is to become the Internet standard in online applications for retailers and online sellers to purchase (buyback) households “no longer wanted” inventory immediately and efficiently without person-to-person auctions or marketplaces listings.

Buybak clients allow households the ability to sell their no longer wanted personal inventory immediately and in bulk for cash, credit or payment via Buybak Rewards Card versus the uncertainty and complexities associated with person-to-person auctions and fixed price marketplaces. Sellers “click” through their no longer wanted Consumer Entertainment and Electronics, Collectibles, etc. (soon) inventory and in return are provided with “buyback” prices for their no longer wanted inventory. After the seller elects to sell their no longer wanted inventory, they ship it to our client retailer/online seller, who checks the product for quantity and quality, then remits payment to the seller, preferably through the Buybak Rewards Payment Program.

Buybak provides a branded payment to Buybak client customers. By issuing a Buybak branded card this allows customers to have top-of-mind awareness to trade-in their “no longer wanted” consumer media/electronics for payment that is quickly deposited on a Visa branded card that they can use to purchase new products online or offline without waiting for mailings, bank clearing, etc.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Targeting consumers who have... excess, expired, upgraded from or no longer wanted personal inventory (Consumer media, electronics, etc.) that desire to rid themselves of their no longer wanted items and as such either or all reclaim personal space, recycle, trade them into cash.

Consumers are likely to be 25-55 years of age due to their years of collection and subsequent upgrade of their personal inventory (purchased product that has outworn its usefulness, change of taste, CDs to digital, DVDs to Blu-ray, old cellphone to new, latest iPod/iPhone,etc.)

Consumers may be "green" and understand that an item that is traded and subsequently resold is one less product that is manufactured new, plus the "cash" back through the Buybak Rewards card isn't a bad incentive to do “good”.

Consumers who buy on Amazon, eBay, etc., but are challenged to sell back through online due to issues of fraud, lack of reputation, lack of time and complexities associated with online marketplace/auctions to do it themselves... one item at a time.

Our business is to give consumers value for their no longer wanted personal inventory in a quick, reliable, easy online experience and receive payment through our Buybak Visa Card payment program which can be spend anywhere immediately online via our email payment process or anywhere offline when they receive their card where’s Visa is accepted.


We are looking to communicate the benefits of our (Buybak Rewards) quick, reliable and safe (Citibank/Visa) payment program for consumers who trade their no longer wanted personal inventory (consumer media and consumer electronics). This program is more reliable and quicker than mailed check payments, less expensive and more widely adopted than Paypal and convenient through emailed payments and/or your own Buybak Rewards Visa card.

The ads should communicate as many of the following aspects of the program…

1) speed of payment (email of virtual account can be used to spend funds online versus waiting for postal mailing of check and once you have the card second and subsequent trades are deposited directly on your card to be used online or offline anywhere Visa is accepted).

2) versatility of spending (emailed virtual account can be spent anywhere online that Visa is accepted, offline via Buybak Rewards Visa card and ACH (wire transfer) to checking account)

3) trustworthiness (backed by Citibank/Visa)

We are looking for two (2) ads that communicate our offering either very crisply and succinctly in non-animated style or probably better and preferably in an animated gif and/or flash.

Technical Requirements
Art files are only accepted in the following formats: .gif, .jpg, .swf
All images must be made to size. If alteration is needed in the original, layered Photoshop and Flash files must be provided.

Image size: 220px (width) by up to 440px (height), recommended height 300px. Two (2) promotional graphics or videos. Each graphic/video will be placed in the 220px (width) by up to 440px (height) Box.

Colors: All art must be delivered in RGB.

Attached are gifs of the Buybak Rewards Logo and a draft version of the actual Buybak Rewards Card.

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