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The Future of Monitoring


Red Gate Software ( make database tools for Microsoft SQL Server. Two years ago, we embarked upon a project to create what we called "the future of monitoring" ( We've interviewed hundreds of people, surveyed thousands, watched people work and thought a lot about the way the world is changing. A team of 15 people has worked intensively for the last 18 months, constantly developing, iterating, learning and testing.
The result of all this is SQL Monitor - it is monitoring and alerting software for Microsoft SQL Server. It allows the person responsible for an organisation's SQL Server databases (Microsoft's database platform) to look after them brilliantly. We've tried really, really, really, really hard to make it work for the way the world is becoming:
- It has a standards-based web user interface, which means it works perfectly on an iPad, iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, browsers on all computers, and all the conceivable internet-connected devices that will come out over the next few years.
- It is incredibly intuitive. You can go from being emailed an alert to fully understanding the problem, all from wherever you happen to be (your sofa at home, collecting your kids from school, or a romantic dinner with your wife) without having to drop everything and get to a PC or return to work.

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Our audience are people responsible for SQL Servers. There are two categories:
Database Administrators (DBAs). These are experienced experts who are in charge of large/rich companies databases. By and large they already have a tool they are adequately pleased with - our job is to persuade them to see how they could have something much better (imagine persuading someone who's been using a Windows Mobile, and has never seen an iPhone, to try an iPhone ).
Accidental DBAs. These are people who've found themselves responsible for databases but don't have a lot of experience or expertise. They probably don't have DBA in their job title and might well be responsible for lots of other things. They could be a systems administrator, a senior developer or just an IT guy.
Demographically more than 90% of them are white men who are older than 35.
We're going to be running these banners on,,, and other similar sites.


The goal of the campaign is to get people to use the software. To make this as frictionless as possible, we've set up a website - - where you'll be able to monitor a live, very high traffic site (this page is designed to show you what will be on the site). It is usual to have to install something to do this, but users will be able to monitor simply by following a web link.

We want to position the product as "the future of monitoring" - i.e. we're keen to emphasise the fact that it is truly mobile (e.g. works on an iPad). We DON'T want to talk about features or we'll compare badly to a more established competitor who has lots of features but isn't intuitive and mobile.

The link below has three routes we're considering.…esigns.htm
We'll need to have a variety of banner sizes:
banner, skyscraper, boxes, etc.

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