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Hip, Spiritually-Progressive Religious Bookstore

uGotGame avait besoin d'un nouveau design de bannière publicitaire et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de l'entreprise

C*tholic - Heaven for Booklovers!


(replace * with ‘a’)

Progressive, hip C*tholic bookstore seeks banner to extend across the entire header of our website to drive brand recognition, brand ethos, customer loyalty and marketing.

First, forget everything that you know about C*tholicism from watching TV:
This is not about Mother Angelica, EWTN, smells and bells or rosary beads.

In short, this is not your father’s Oldsmobile. This is progressive, spiritual, au courant, joyful and alive faith.

This is about connecting progressive C*tholics with the great books, ebooks, and music that will feed their thinking minds and nourish their spirits.

We want customers in the market for C*tholic books to come to us first rather than amazon. Their left brain will like our low prices and their right brain will like the feeling they get from the mood created by your banner.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Progressive C*tholics of all ages.

people who consume digital media.

people who think that curling up to a good book is better than sex (it certainly lasts longer!)

people who believe if you burn a book, you burn the whole world, but if you save a book, you save the whole world!

progressive people who care about social justice, peace, human rights and the environment.

You are going to create Paradise, Heaven
The mood is light, airy, spacious, welcoming, happy, joyful, serene, simple, expansive, timeless, pure, transcendent. In short, looking at your banner, people will actually feel like they’re in paradise! Their blood pressure will drop, they will breathe deeply and they will spend hours buying books and music. They will want to tell all of their friends about C*tholic

for inspiration, banner. see attached postcard which we created using an online template. we like the feeling that emanates from it but obviously it’s used by 1000’s of other businesses.

Your banner will have text:
The tagline: Heaven For Booklovers (with a mini “TM” trademark superscript at the end of the tagline.

Our toll-free number: 866-IONA-711
(don’t include the “1-“ prefix that you see in the postcard graphic.)

we don’t want the banner to be too busy so, only if it makes aesthetic sense, include:
discounted prices and free shipping!
(all lowercase)


980px wide by no more than 100px high jpeg banner to span entire width of C*tholic (We’re going to move the currency converters and search box from the header to give you the full canvas for your banner.)

So we’re thinking -- the basics:
naturally, blue skies, sunshine, nice puffy white clouds

perhaps a rainbow (see sample grapic postcard attached)

we don’t want the banner to be too busy so,

possibly a few 21st century-looking angel(s) – one wearing headphones, one reading on a tablet computer, one reading one of those books with paper pages. All having the time of their lives in the present moment. Might be sitting up against a tree or lying on a cloud in casual, varied, comfortable positions. Multi-racial angels.

colors: obviously, we’re thinking pastels with lots of blues and white.
the colors do not have to coordinate with the current colors on our website (C*tholic which is just a stock template. we will revise website colors to coordinate with your fabulous banner.

fonts: use your creative genius
The attached postcard uses VAGRounded for C*tholic
and Humanist521 for the tagline. We’re not wedded to these fonts. We like how they are light and airy and rounded with no sharp edges to cut you. Make sure whatever font you choose for the phone number that the number ‘1” is distinguishable from the capital ‘I” in “IONA.”

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