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Banner/Flyer design for new GreenOffice service

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GreenOffice Corporate Shutdown Manager


Hi guys,

We are about to start with a new service in our business which is consulting ICT organizations in all sorts of ways. We want to have a campaign to inform the big cooperation's about their computer usage in their office landscape.

And our basic message to the people is that in the bigger offices a lot of power consumption is wasted because the people in the office simply forget to turn off their computers or just lock them for their comfort the next day not have to log on again, for a 9 to 5 hour a days of work the computer is on a 24/7 duty.

We have investigated this matter and came to a conclusion that besides a lot of money can be saved, not wasted on idle power consuming pc's there also is a big advantage for the environment. And nowadays this is on every corporate agenda to make the operation more green

We want to alert the people sending out this message and offer them a solution for this issue.

- Situation: Computers are online after business hours when nobody is using them.

- Consequence: Wasting money on your energy bill and not operate environment friendly as you should

-Solution : Use our GreenOffice Corporate shutdown manager

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience are the people how are working in large offices and are some how connected to the ICT department and have the “How can we contribute to a better environment” or “how can we meet our green targets” on there agenda’s. Lets say al the managers with some decision authority in the companies.


Now I need you guys to design us something that visualizes this situation. A clear picture of something like a big office at night that glows in the dark because PC's are still powered on. Well, that’s far my creative mind stretches, think you can do much better than that. Design something that instantly created the right mindset. “Hey, is this going on in our company as well”

What we require is a folder that we can send out to all the potential customers, we also need some banners that we can place on some websites and hope you can do this as well in continuing requests.

So hope you got the picture, and have some great idea’s on it. I have attached some files that contains the some logo material that's from the company how made the product and the company that is going to use it in there services..

If you have any questions, please let me know, it is a bit hard to place this request in these fixed boxes..

Hope to welcome your great designs as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance..

Greets Geo

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