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Doctor Dan avait besoin d'un nouveau design de bannière publicitaire et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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I'm "Doctor Dan", founder of the Medical Mastermind Community. This is largely an online resource for premedical and medical students, where they can get mentorship and study resources for their entire 11+ year educational journey.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Three different, similar-looking banners will be created for the following groups:

Needing a Good MCAT score?

* Science MP3's to review Biology, Physics, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
* Practice MCAT tests for every topic
* How to overcome a low GPA or MCAT score
* How to decide if medicine is right for you
* Live and recorded teleconferences with physicians telling their experiences of training
* How to balance out your pre-med experiences for a powerful med school application

Applying and Interviewing?

* How to write personal essays
* Expose of Dr. Dan's real medical school application that got him accepted
* How to overcome adversity in your application and tell Success Stories
* How to balance out your med school application and score it numerically
* Health care reform summary for current events familiarization
* Interview skills training

Wnat an edge in med school?

* Science MP3's for the USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3
* 300 Real medical school exams
* 1,275 pages of Searchable Scribe notes
* Residency Match training and statistical strategies
* How to detect malignant residency programs and find where you fit best
* How to change medical specialties


You are free to look at my web site and then BE CREATIVE.

Because I use a chalkboard theme throughout my site, sticking with a bulletin board, post-it, or chalk theme might work. However, I want really EYE-CATCHING graphics that stand out and make it clear that all they have to do is click on the product that corresponds to their needs, BUY it immediately, and begin learning right away.

Now, I'm a fan of starting with a good idea, but then testing everything on a website. So, I'd be happy to pay you for the graphics for this job and if I'm happy, I could hire you on an on-going basis because I have another, much larger job coming soon.

I want you to provide me with the background graphic that you use separately, so that I can put it into a photo-editing tool myself and change variations of words or phrases. So, for this project use a few lines from the text I've provided above, in the "target audience" section. I care more about the graphical appearance because, again, I'll be making multiple renditions of the text to see which sells the best.

Regarding the size of the graphics, my first thought is about 180px wide by 150 px high. But you can be creative here because the graphic needs to fit on the right margin on this page, replacing the blue CD ad: http://medical-mastermind-community…-a-podcast

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