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My company is

I am managing a large Insurance companies Google search and display network ad campaign.

We are currently testing display ads. We are pointing our ads to a test site built for testing once ads are optimized for performance we will use them to advertise the clients main site.

It's a large, well known luxury brand auto insurance company in the USA.

These banner ad will be used in the start of our display advertising campaign.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our Ideal suspect earns more than $90,000 per year. They have been using the Internet weekly for a period greater than 13 years. They are a member of at least one social networking site that they visit at least once per week. The research they do on the Internet influences most of their important buying decisions. They regularly do their banking and shopping online.

They value superior client services and are happy to pay for it. They own a reliable and safe motor vehicle that they value greatly. The car is used to transport invaluable family members. They take out full and comprehensive cover including the 24/7 roadside emergency services cover.

Auto Insurance is something that our audience has to do regardless of how difficult the experience is. Most people make their purchasing decisions to avoid pain, alleviate frustration or experience some gain. Our auto insurance suspects common need is that insurance is compulsory by law. They must insure against 3rd party damage in the event of a motoring accident. Likewise all of our prospects must protect one of their most valuable assets (their car) against theft or damage. Our challenge is that the gain from being insured is not realized until after a loss has been endured, this gain only occurs in the event of loss.

Our suspects harbor a natural resistance to insurance sales people.


The idea's and copy in the attached document have already been approved by our client.

Take your pick from a list of image story boards on the attached word document. Present as many 300X250 & 336X280 banner ad designs as you choose, for the money on offer (for this contest).

There are over 15 good ad idea's laid out on the document attached. We don't expect you to submit a design for all 15 concepts, just the ad concepts you think you can create a winner for.

In saying that, there's nothing to stop you submitting an ad for all 15 idea's.

The winner of the contest however will be the designer who submits the best value for money on offer, in terms of the volume of ads they submit, but most importantly the quality of their banner ads.

The better our ads, the more Google present them. Priority is quality, however if it does come down to two designers being as good as each other, if one submits 5 ads, the other 4 get the idea.

Note: If you design an ad that we like but you don't win the contest. Don't sweat because we will offer to buy individual ads that we like, from any designer who designs one. Only after we've paid a winner for their set.

Lots more of these to come for designers we like.

Thanks and good luck.....

P.S. When submitting designs please use the numbers on our brief. Also where it says (flashing buttons), that means flash design.

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