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Attractive Banner that makes a visitor want to click n'order!

Samkat avait besoin d'un nouveau design de bannière publicitaire et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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///////Once we get 10 designers we will guarantee the prize. It is not possible yet due to limitation at 99 designs//////////

Greetings to everyone who has clicked though,

We help internet users around the world bypass internet restrictions and censorships. Most users are foreigners travelling or working in countries that have internet censorships in effect.

We face a constant struggle in which out sites get blocked and we release new ones "Squeeze pages" targeted to specific keywords.

In doing that we get to reach out and help more internet users join us and bypass the proxy servers that filter their internet traffic & log their internet traffic / activity.

Our current "squeeze pages" are not converting as we had hoped. We believe the use of a banner will enhance conversion if the requirements below are met!

Help us create a banner that is catchy, attractive and that delivers a message across.

Users using our service get all their internet traffic routed via our servers in an encrypted format. Their ISP (Internet Service Providers) can not log nor filter the content they request and receive.

We also strive to help users right to privacy / anonymity on the web regardless of their location. Americans or Iranians, everyone deserves their web freedom.

You can visit our site for more information,

Thank you

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

This is for anyone who is interested in any of the following:

1) Access ALL blocked sites

2) Use VoIP Applications when ISP block them. Skype is blocked in Oman, UAE, Belize and more. Using our service, unblocks VoIP and user saves money by making PC to international Phone calls.

3) Bypass Geo Blocking by changing IP address. Some UK sites only want UK visitors. Using our UK service, UK site thinks they are in UK. Some USA sites only want USA visitors. Using our USA service, USA site thinks they are in USA and get access.

4) Be anonymous on the internet

5) Be secure when using an open WI-FI network.

The target audience are expatriates and locals. Most users are located in Asia and the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc).

Some are not sure if the service will work for them because of the belief that the Internet service provider has done everything possible to make it impossible to bypass the proxy servers. The service is guaranteed to work!

Most are males but not all. The age group is over 20 and most are in the 30+ range.

Most do not have advance computer skills. Our service does not need advanced skills to setup. We provide step by step instructions.

Ask us if you have any questions,


1) Size should be Width(800-900) pixels x height(450-650) pixels

2) Branded using Your worldwide leader in Vpn Services

Maybe something like "Powered by - Leader in VPN Services" in the bottom left or right corner.

3) Catchy, Attractive & delivers the message across and they know it is what they want.

4) Some slogan "It is what you have been looking for and It's cheap, think about it and all the benefits! You are bound to tell your friends once you use it"

5) Some animated button for them to click. "Click to order this amazing service!"

6) No Dark colors.

7) Use graphic (that's were you get creative)
--- examples: someone at computer with and someone without the service. for one, screen could be showing "access granted (in green)" for the other "access denied (in red). next to the person with "access denied" it can say, did you not hear of yet?

You can use flash

That should be all!

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