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Talenthouse a choisi un design gagnant sur son concours de print & packaging 

Pour seulement 369$US, ils ont reçus 80 propositions de la part de 31 designers.

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Designers: Get Creative! Flyer for Talenthouse...


Pack Personnalisé pour un print design et packaging

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Par Talenthouse
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Félicitations au gagnant, Ист™!

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Aperçu du brief

Talenthouse believes that creative talent lives everywhere – from the biggest cities to smallest towns - and have developed Talenthouse as an online platform for artists to find projects, collaborate and gain global exposure.

We provide artists, designers and the creative community with opportunities to participate in unique Creative Invite projects and get their work in front of the world’s most iconic artists and brands.

We currently have projects in design, art, fashion, film, music and photography. Projects range from designing a book with world-renowned photographer Philippe McClelland, to remixing a track for Boy George, to submitting work to Dan Cameron (Sr. Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York).

In addition, we have just launched a project looking for new designs for Talenthouse t-shirts ($1000 prize!)

About the Talenthouse logo

Talenthouse understands and recognizes the challenges that artists face when trying to reach their audiences and achieve recognition for their talents. For this reason, Talenthouse chose a logo taken from the West African “Adinkra” series of symbols, which depicts a snake climbing a raffia tree. The raffia tree has many thorns and is very challenging to climb. Simply translated, this symbol means “to perform the impossible.”

For more information visit:

Nom de la marque

Public cible

Designers, artists and people in the creative community who are interested in working on unique projects with some of the most iconic brands and artists around the world.

Our target market is essentially the global creative community involved in design, art, film, fashion, music and photography.

In addition, our target market includes partners who want to spread the word about Talenthouse in their community or to their network. These could include students/professors at schools (design, art, music, fashion, film, photography), current Talenthouse artists, brands promoting the projects through their own channels, etc.

The flyer should mainly speak to the creative community, but also be something that a partner or supporter of talenthouse could also use.


We are looking for a cool flyer design that will clearly communicate the benefits of Talenthouse in a creative way to the creative community.
(To be used in global marketing materials)

* 4 x 6 (1/4 inch bleed)
* 2-sided
* 4-color

Brand Colors:
- Light Green (Hex #97C93F)
- Dark Green (Hex #7EC243)
- Grey (Hex #7B7B7B)
- Black
- White

Century Gothic




Required Text:
- Talenthouse

-Talenthouse provides the creative community with opportunities to participate in unique projects and get their work in front of the world’s most iconic artists and brands.

- Find projects - collaborate with artists and brands. .
- Gain exposure - showcase your work.
- Get discovered - reach people seeking your talent.

- Art
- Music
- Film
- Fashion
- Design
- Photograhpy

.ai (CMYK) & .jpg (JPEG)


layered .psd (RGB) & .jpg (JPEG)

(Please do not use any stock images or clip art.)

Please explore and sign up on the Talenthouse website to understand what we're about and get ideas.

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