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Create a color scheme for Gelati Joes


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Par Gelati Joe
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Félicitations au gagnant, GospaNolawTufnava!

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Nom de la société

Gelati Joes

Description de l'activité

We are an independent soft-serve yogurt and italian ice establishment. Our staple item will be a layered dessert called “Gelati,” which consists of alternating layers of soft-serve yogurt and italian ice in a cup.

Our building will have a walk-up window and seating around the outside, as well as a drive-thru window. We will have television screens to showcase our menu selections, separate tvs for entertainment purposes, wifi internet access, and ambient music.

Secteur d'activité de l'entreprise

Food & Drink


This contest is for the building color scheme for a new dessert restaurant chain. The name of the restaurant is Gelati Joe’s. Our main item is a gelati, which is a layered dessert of Italian ice and soft serve ice cream. Gelati’s are a healthier option than traditional ice cream. They are also more colorful due to the Italian ice.

A picture of a gelati is attached. Also attached are 2 elevations (front and side) in different file formats.

We want the building to be eye catching in color. Any scheme is fine, there are no color restrictions. Our customer base will be all age groups, but we especially want to attract ages 3-18. So, bright enough to attract the attention of a child, but not so colorful that it would seem like a “kids only” kind of place. We want the older age groups to feel comfortable hanging out there, as well. The theme is ‘60’s modern. Employees will have tie-dye uniforms. The feel for the building in simple words should be “cool & groovy”. A source of inspiration might be an Andy Warhol painting. It’s colorful, represents the ‘60’s, but would not be out of place in a modern house.

Exigences supplémentaires

The cup of ice cream on the roof can depict a cup of yogurt or it could depict a gelati.

We have picked the sign/logo from an earlier contest. The shape needs to be the same, but the color can be changed.

We are not looking for swatches of colors. We need artists to apply the colors to the attached building elevation. Thank you, and please let us know if more information is needed.

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